Loopbag laptop bags

Discover the power of curves…
Loopbag laptop bags are an experimental exploration of the Power of Curves, exploring and optimizing hidden uses inside simple structures resulting in shapes which reveal their natural/organic and essential potential.

Great design. Great function.
Loopbag laptop bags' collection is a perfect blend of design and functionality,
designed by the brilliant French designer "Romain Vauchez"
Our motley product line consists of Laptop Backpacks, Laptop Messengers, Laptop Cases, Laptop Totes, Laptop sleeve and Netbook Cases.

Fit all PC's and Mac's
Loopbag Laptop bags are modified to fit all laptops, our collection includes:
17-inch laptop bags, 15-inch laptop bags, 13-inch laptop bags, 12-inch laptop bags and Mini Laptop bags   


Award winning laptop bags
Loopbag Laptop bags win The APLF Innovation rewarded aim to recognize design excellence, originality, use of materials and accessories, and outstanding workmanship of products.

Patent "Total Opening" Frame
Loopbag "Total Opening" Frame revolutionizes the laptop bag market and makes them so much easier to use.
By designing our bags with only one main zipper that runs all around, like a tennis ball, you can access the bag's interior from anywhere.

The Loop Concept gives the bag a clean and stylish look, whether empty or fully loaded. The Loop Concept encases your laptop and all your gear in a rigid but dynamic structure, providing security, functionality and great style.

Get your hands on one of our laptop bags now and see how the 'Power of Curves' can work for you.